Improve Your Employee Experience to
Attract & Retain Top Talent

Engagement Surveys Aren't Enough

You need more than a score to understand the engagement and loyalty of your workforce. In fact, only 20% of business leaders believe their survey action plans are driving business results.

– Deloitte

We Help…

Gain deeper insight into your employees’ beliefs, attitudes and perceptions.

Develop a holistic view of the entire workplace experience

Identify organizational and cultural barriers that prevent an optimal workplace experience

Leading to…

Action planning that truly addresses employee needs and inspires them to actively contribute to solutions

Understanding what employees need to be the most engaged at every step in their careers – from recruitment to retirement and beyond

Directing resources where they’re needed most – the right activities at the right time for the right audience

What We Do

Uncover deep insight about your employees’ experience. because we become a trusted third party that knows how to surface the truth

Analyze that employee insight, along with engagement survey results, to create a road map for how to improve

Create a custom action plan based on your unique strengths and opportunities that helps you improve culture, retain employees and advance business performance

Why It Matters


of U.S. workers are engaged with their work


State of the American Workplace, 2017


of HR professionals believe they have a good understanding of the talent factors that drive performance


Global Human Capital Trends, 2017


of professionals will choose not to work at top companies if it means having to endure a bad culture


Workplace Learning Report, 2018

Get New Ideas for Employee Engagement and Retention

How We Do It

How We Do It

Employee Experience Deep Dives

We uncover true motivations, feelings and beliefs through proven qualitative techniques that capture verbal and non-verbal cues. One example is “Boss for a Day,” where employees outline what they think leadership should be paying attention to, revealing what matters most to them.

Integrated Data

We offer expert synthesis connecting quantitative employee engagement survey results with in-depth qualitative analysis to bring both dimension and substance to your current engagement program.

Prioritized Action Plans

We facilitate action planning sessions to develop prioritized plans based on the full view of your employee experience and your organization’s unique strengths and opportunities.

Case Studies

Global Food Company

LINX helped its client better understand the value of internal Diversity & Inclusion efforts.

Non-Profit Health System

LINX uncovered deeper insight about employees not feeling feel valued by their company.

Partner With Us

  • To take ownership of your employees’ insights and devote the resources needed to create lasting results
  • CheckTo finally understand the “why” and the “how” of your engagement survey
  • CheckTo achieve consistent improvement after years of not getting the results you desire with your employee engagement program


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