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Marilyn has a passion for Workforce Wellness. As co-founder of LINX WorkForce Innovations, she is keen on discovering and amplifying the “Voices of Employees” who are the “Consumers of the Workplace,” so that the right WorkForce solutions can be co-created the first time. Previously, she co-founded SIVO Insights where she provides thought leadership and creative thinking for Fortune 500 companies by uncovering consumer insights and experiences. For every endeavor, she believes in the power of a strong company culture, based on authentic connections, innovative approaches and a growth mindset.

Nov 28

Four Steps to Improving Employee Experience

By Marilyn Weiss | Employee Experience

At LINX WorkForce Innovations we’re focused on digging deep with employees to truly understand their experience. However, there are also some universal ways any organization can work to improve the employee experience, regardless of the unique challenges and opportunities that can be uncovered by delving deeper. Here are four ways that Human Resources professionals can […]

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