Be the Way, MNovation Fall 2018 at Brave New Workshop, #MNovation

By Julie Rose | Culture

Oct 20
Workplace innovation

For LINX WorkForce Innovations, it’s no accident that innovation is in our name. We all want to continue to grow and improve as innovators, which is why we recently spent a day at the Brave New Workshop as a team. What an energizing experience!

The things we learned from improv will help all of us in both our professional and personal lives. The day was organized around three panels of “crafters,” “amplifiers,” and “connectors,” with some improv peppered in.

This applies to the workplace, too. “Crafters” create culture, “amplifiers” take culture fearlessly to the next level, and “connectors” facilitate partnership to win together.

This made me think about having a recipe to create an employee experience and culture that brings out the best in people. One quote stood out to me from Ramon Pastrano IV, an amplifier panelist. He said that someone once told him to, “Be the way without being in the way.” So, I’m calling this recipe, “Be the Way” Culture.


“Be the Way” Culture

Directions: Mix all ingredients together. Step aside. Enjoy with others.


  • Healthy dose of “Yes, and . . .” daily (Avoid the “No, but . . .”)
  • A bushel of curiosity (“Tell me more!”)
  • A dash of discovery, hold the fear
  • A smidgeon of humility
  • A pinch of reflection
  • Two ears, two eyes, hold your tongue more often than not
  • A gallon of gratitude
  • A liter of laughter
  • Appreciation (to your own liking)
  • Lastly, LOVE

A huge thanks to the Brave New Workshop and everyone who was involved in MNovation. I’m feeling the gratitude!

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