Our Story



LINX WorkForce Innovations was born from our passion to meaningfully improve workplace culture and the employee experience. Our Insight Strategists have been helping clients better understand consumers for the past decade via SIVO Insights.

Now we're applying our expertise in customer and consumer research to help our clients uncover the deeper truth about their employee experience, to improve culture, retain employees and improve business performance.

LINX WorkForce Innovations was born from our passion to meaningfully improve workplace culture and the employee experience. We apply our vast expertise in consumer insights to help our clients make decisions that will truly improve the workplace experience, increase engagement, transform culture and, ultimately, drive productivity and improve business performance.

Marilyn Weiss, Founding Partner of SIVO Insights, and Cindy Blackstock, Managing Partner at SIVO Insights, have been leading an experienced team of insight strategists for 10 years. Knowing employees are the “Consumers of the Workplace,” they created LINX WorkForce Innovations to help their clients uncover the deeper truth about the employee experience and make improvements that tackle the real issues.

How We Work

We're insight gurus with a passion that powers our purpose - to improve employee experience by helping organizations cultivate their culture based on the voice of the employee

Your Partner

Your business is our business and your challenges are our challenges. We work best when we act as an extension of your team. We pride ourselves on being easy - and even fun! - to work with. Because if we're going to tackle something as important as employee experience, we're going to be spending some quality time together.

Innately Curious

Research and insights aren’t just our job, they’re our passion. We like to ask questions. We enjoy digging deep. We get jazzed by finding out what makes your employees tick. 

Keen Listeners

Fueled by countless hours of observing and listening to people – as well as more than our fair share of diplomas in psychology, organizational dynamics, sociology and communications – our team asks the right questions to uncover the insights you need. 

Compelled to Solve

We're all employees, and we all know the difference a great experience makes in our willingness and desire to go above and beyond. We've also been frustrated - just like you - when action plans miss the mark and nothing changes. We're on a mission to solve this.

Our Leadership Team

These folks set the vision and strategy for LINX, but more importantly, they’re the ones who listen to you and help you make the change you’ve been wanting to see.

Marilyn Weiss

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Frank Blackstock

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Nyhusmoen

Senior Workforce Strategist