Global Food Company

A leading global food company asked LINX for help to better understand its
internal Diversity & Inclusion efforts and their value to the organization.

We Help...

Gain deeper insight into your employees’ beliefs, attitudes and perceptions.

Develop a holistic view of the entire workplace experience

Identify organizational and cultural barriers that prevent an optimal workplace experience

Leading to...

Action planning that truly addresses employee needs and inspires them to actively contribute to solutions

Understanding what employees need to be the most engaged at every step in their careers – from recruitment to retirement and beyond

Directing resources where they’re needed most – the right activities at the right time for the right audience

Key Questions
  • How was Diversity & Inclusion contributing to:
  • Company culture?
  • Business performance?
  • Employee experience?
  • What role did existing Employee Resource Groups play?
  • What value did Diversity & Inclusion bring to the company and the employee participants?
LINX Solution

Benchmarked Diversity & Inclusion best practices among other leading companies.

Facilitated in-depth group discussions and ideation sessions across levels and functions.


Integrated nuanced language within corporate communications to focus on inclusion over division – bringing employees together.

Aligned Diversity & Inclusion more closely with existing business initiatives, avoiding redundancy and saving time and money.