Non-Profit Health System

Chief executives at a nonprofit health care system tapped LINX to explore feedback
from employees indicating they didn't feel valued or invested in by the organization.

We Help...

Gain deeper insight into your employees’ beliefs, attitudes and perceptions.

Develop a holistic view of the entire workplace experience

Identify organizational and cultural barriers that prevent an optimal workplace experience

Leading to...

Action planning that truly addresses employee needs and inspires them to actively contribute to solutions

Understanding what employees need to be the most engaged at every step in their careers – from recruitment to retirement and beyond

Directing resources where they’re needed most – the right activities at the right time for the right audience

Listening to Employees
  • We listened to employees to explore their experience at the organization. Here's a representation of what they had to say:
  • "As a manager, I feel over worked. I have my job to do and all the people issues to boot. Some days I think I should've refused the promotion."
  • angle-right
    "I don't understand how my manager's role differs from mine."
LINX Solution

We gained a deeper understanding of employee discontent about the organization and their roles, including underlying, specific issues about role clarity, leadership, and cross-functional collaboration. 

We facilitated training sessions to help employees in mid-level leadership roles and their direct reports work through issues and feel more fulfilled at work.


Skeptical employees with
highly stressful roles gave positive feedback on the training. The organization is considering broader program implementation.